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Join the Natural Movement with Agruthi Farms, a brand dedicated to natural foods and farm-to-kitchen products located in Hyderabad. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: providing consumers with chemical-free, nutrient-rich food. Hailing from an agricultural background, we observed the alarming contrast between home-raised cattle and city-packaged milk.

This revelation highlighted the adulteration of a basic household staple, motivating us to raise Indian-origin cattle and offer unadulterated milk. Our passion expanded to include a range of natural farm-to-kitchen products, free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Agruthi Farms represents our commitment to promoting healthier choices and making wholesome, chemical-free foods accessible to our community. Join us in embracing a natural and healthier way of life!


Our mission is to connect people with nature, providing genuine, pure products that contribute to a healthier, happier, and sustainable lifestyle. Upholding values of transparency, integrity, and quality, we aim to nurture the essence of nature while cherishing our agricultural heritage.


Our vision is to be a brand that resonates with individuals seeking holistic well-being, off ering a diverse range of natural, farm to kitchen products that empower healthier lifestyles while embracing the inherent goodness of nature.

Conscious Cattle Rearing: Happy Cattle, Wholesome Milk

We practice conscious cattle rearing, allowing our cattle to graze freely in spacious, open pastures, enjoying a natural and stress-free environment. We provide them with healthy feed, including corn straw and organically grown cattle feed sourced from our own farm.
In line with our ethical practices, we ensure that the cattle are milked only after their calves have consumed their share of milk, allowing for a harmonious and nurturing bond between mother and calf. Moreover, we refrain from using antibiotics or artificial insemination, focusing on natural and sustainable methods of cattle care.

Soil: Earth’s Unsung Hero

Soil preservation is of utmost importance to us as we prioritize sustainable farming practices. To maintain soil fertility, we rely on mulching and composting techniques, which help retain moisture and provide essential nutrients. Instead of burning farm waste, we utilize it to enrich the soil and promote its health. Additionally, we incorporate cattle dung and urine as natural and organic manure, further enhancing soil fertility and supporting plant growth. Our commitment to preserving the soil ensures a healthier ecosystem and sustainable farming practices for the future.

The Art of Hands-On Farming

We cherish age-old practices that embrace the gentle touch of hands from sourcing produce to milking cattle. With skilled hands, we select the fi nest seeds and nurture crops, ensuring superior-quality produce. When it’s time to milk our cattle, we prioritize their well-being, milking with care and respect. These time-honored traditions refl ect our commitment to crafting genuine goodness, from farm to table, with love and authenticity.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We proudly use eco-friendly and recyclable glass bottle and paper packaging for our products, promoting responsible consumption. While we prioritize sustainability, we’re continuously striving to expand our eco-friendly eff orts.

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