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Pure and Natural Honey Extraction Process

Honey Formation Hive Health Check

The journey to our exquisite honey begins with the bees’ diligent efforts. It takes a span of 45 days for honey to be meticulously crafted within the hive. We prioritize the well-being of our bee colonies, ensuring their overall health, checking for diseases, and assessing hive conditions regularly.

Hive Smoke Treatment

To facilitate safe honey extraction without causing harm to our invaluable pollinators, we employ a thoughtful method. Our beekeepers employ coconut shell charcoal smoke, which gently disarms the bees’ alarm pheromones. This approach ensures a calm environment, allowing us to proceed with the extraction process.

Gentle Bee Removal

With the hive effectively calmed, we use bee brushes to gently and carefully remove any remaining bees from the honeycomb frames. This step is executed with utmost care and respect for the bees’ contribution to the honey-making process.

Uncapping the Honeycomb

To unveil the precious honey within, each honeycomb frame undergoes an uncapping process. Using a sharp knife, we delicately uncap the beeswax, revealing the golden honey beneath.

Honey Extraction

The uncapped honeycomb frames are then placed in our honey extractor. Through a churning process, the honey is separated from the comb and flows through a valve into a collection container below.

Straining for Purity

The freshly extracted honey is a masterpiece, yet it may contain tiny patches of wax, pollen, and other natural particles. To ensure a pure and smooth final product, we meticulously strain the honey, preserving its clarity and texture.

Natural Settling

Following the straining process, the honey is transferred into drums. We believe in allowing nature to take its course, so the drums are kept in the shade for 2-3 days. This natural setting allows any remaining particles to gradually settle, further refining the honey’s quality.


Once the honey has undergone its natural settling, it is carefully poured into our glass bottles. These bottles are not only visually appealing but also ensure the honey’s freshness is preserved.

Labeling and Packaging

Our dedication to providing you with the finest honey experience extends to the labeling stage. Each bottle is thoughtfully labeled, showcasing the honey’s taste notes and qualities, a testament to the care and attention poured into every drop.

Delivery to You

With labeling complete, the honey is ready for its final journey to your kitchen. We take pride in delivering this labor of love to your doorstep, ensuring you receive the purest and most natural honey possible.

Delight in Every Drop

As you savor the rich and exquisite flavors of our honey, know that it is the result of a meticulous process that respects nature, the bees, and your discerning taste. Enjoy every golden drop, and experience the essence of pure, natural sweetness.

At Agruthi Farms, we remain committed to delivering exceptional, sustainably sourced products that encapsulate the beauty and benefits of nature’s bounty.

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