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100% Cold Wood Pressed Cooking Oils


Once the honey has undergone its natural settling, it is carefully poured into our glass bottles. These bottles are not only visually appealing but also ensure the honey’s freshness is preserved.

Selection of Premium Seeds/Nuts

At Agruthi farms, our first step involves careful selection of the finest quality, hand-picked food-grade seeds and nuts. We prioritize those that boast optimal nutrient retention, ensuring that the oil extracted maintains its nutritional value.

Thorough Cleaning and Drying

After selection, the seeds/nuts undergo a meticulous cleaning process. Using both manual methods like sieving and hand sorting, we remove any foreign particles. Once cleaned, the seeds/nuts are sun-dried, allowing them to naturally prepare for the subsequent oil extraction.

Gentle Cold Pressing

Using the age-old wood cold pressing technique, we crush the dried seeds/nuts without the application of heat. This gentle and traditional method helps us preserve the essential nutrients, distinct taste, captivating aroma, and rich fl avor of the resulting oil.

Collection and Settling

Once pressed, the freshly extracted oil is collected in containers. During this phase, any impurities or sediment present in the oil settle down naturally.

Careful Filtration

To guarantee a pristine final product, we subject the oil to a meticulous filtration process. This thorough filtration effectively eliminates any residual impurities or particles, ensuring the purity of the oil.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends to packaging. The carefully extracted and filtered oil is bottled and packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles. These bottles not only maintain the oil’s freshness but also align with our values of promoting an environmentally-conscious cooking experience.

The result of our traditional wood cold-pressed method is cooking oils that boast remarkable qualities: 0% trans fats, a composition of healthy fats, and absolutely no additives. By adhering to this process, we aim to off er our customers an exceptional cooking experience, where the natural flavors and nutrients of the oils are fully retained.

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